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Free 2017 Parks Canada Discovery Pass

It is a very nice news that we heard about since 2016, and now it is the time to make it come true to get a “PASS”.

After booked the Discovery Pass then google how many places  I can use it around Quebec, it was kind of sad that only 4 “Canada National Park” located on Quebec, and they are all far away from my area.

Anyway, maybe it will be a good reason to let’s go far for the coming Spring Break.






By end of 2015, so many people were disappoint for without a white christmas, for sure have a lot of countries never have White Christmas, but CANADA never be one of them.
Finally, on beginning of 2016, we received a real winter, and it was a very good one, white snow with “warm” temperature!
Wish all the best to all friends, strangers, trees, flowers….all life on this planet.

Overnight Packs

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Pick your escape: an outdoor photo expedition, a go-light summer overnight or a weekend at a hut or hostel. This is light and stable, with an external suspension system that ensures comfort even when the pack is loaded with equipment and supplies. A full suite of pockets ensure you stay organized throughout your adventures. And loops on the bottom are designed to carry more gears for all you need.

Travel Light Daypack


The Travel Light series is light, compact and easy to stow inside a larger pack or piece of luggage. Use it like an extra daypack during your hiking vacation is great for day trip around town when you only need to bring a few itmes.
The version has just enough room for necessities for an afternoon of hiking or shopping

Journeyed North

55L backpack

Bring all the hardware you need for rock routes, ice pitches, or ski tours. The Guide is a stout companion on rough outings. Slim but far from frail, it blends a clean, body-hugging fit with construction that shrugs off the abuse of alpine travel. For lightweight missions, this pack does wonderful jobs.